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STEPS TO SUCCESS - documentary film
SD67 Okanagan Skaha School Board

A castle hidden in an emerald green forest. A dark, rain-slicked alley where danger lurks around every corner. The bottom of the ocean. A foreign country. Outer space. Werewolves. Wizards. Movie stars. There is no limit to where you can go and who you can meet with a little imagination and the ability to read. But there's more to literacy than just entertainment. Literacy skills allow you to better understand the world, communicate with those around you, and improve your well-being. It's been shown that children who develop a love for books and reading have a better chance at success in school, and in life.

The journey you're about to see started as an educational process: teachers and staff were asked to come up with an inquiry question (a model that would help them monitor and guide student success). At Queen's Park Elementary School in Penticton, the staff is passionate about literacy, so it became their theme. With their question formed, the staff moved full steam ahead to develop a multitude of creative reading programs. From reading trains, complete with conductors and whistles, to reading picnics, to one-on-one reading with local seniors, the staff at Queen's Park has used its imagination and teaching knowledge to create effective reading programs. And as you'll see in this film, those programs are doing more than just showing great results, they are captivating the imaginations of each and every student and building an army of lifelong readers.

Produced and directed by: Jan Vozenilek
Written by: April Lawrence

Queens Park Elementary School - Penticton, BC

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